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Defender Tape is a uniquely engineered adhesive second skin designed to defend the body against cuts, scrapes, burns, pain and bruising. Injuries associated with impact and abrasions are common; Defender Tape provides a lightweight, versatile and breathable protective layer against the rigors of sport.

Pads are heavy, hot and sweaty. As well, they often fail due to slipping away from the zone they intend to protect. In addition, pads are ZONE Specific meaning they only protect certain areas of the body (i.e. knee, shin, elbow, shoulder, etc).

By contrast, Defender Tape delivers Next Level Performance and is simply the most versatile form of protection available to athletes today. So no matter if the sport is team or individual, inside or out, full contact or against the elements, DEFENDER TAPE has it covered.


  • Impact Protection
    Absorbs and cushions impact and distributes energy horizontally throughout the pads reducing effects on the body.
  • Abrasion Defense
    Provides a layer of protection between skin and the offending surface whether it’s turf, dirt, rock, or an opponent’s equipment or body.
  • Comfort
    Defender Tape is an adhesive pad that stays put, breathes like skin, allows joints to articulate fully for freedom of motion, and is virtually weightless.
  • Customization
    Cut to desired size to protect any vulnerable area of the body, peel away backing and apply directly to skin for long wearing protection and customized comfort.


Product Information

Part # Description
36-0400-0-06000 50′ roll x 4″ width


Defender Tape Application

  1. Cut to Length
    1. Pull tape from roll and lay across the area to be protected to measure for length (customize as needed)
    2. Cut clean with scissor
    3. Fold tape end to end and round sharp corners off by cutting a gentle arc on each end (this will secure edges to improve durability)
  2. Application
    1. Peel away paper backing to expose adhesive. If possible, do not touch adhesive with fingers so adhesion isn’t compromised.
    2. Apply tape to the skin starting at the end with exposed adhesive.
    3. Press down gently on top (foam side) of tape while peeling away the remaining paper backing.
    4. Once tape is applied, press firmly across the entire surface area to affix tape.


How do I apply Defender Tape?

For best results, apply to clean, dry skin.

Is Defender Tape reusable?

Defender Tape is designed for one-time use but is durable and long-lasting offering all day protection.

Is Defender Tape breathable?

The base layer of Defender Tape was originally designed as a breathable material for medical use. As such, this highly breathable white (spunlace) material allows sweat and oxygen to pass through freely.

Is Defender Tape water and sweat proof?

Defender Tape is designed to be used in water and during physical activity. Adhesion level will be increased if applied to clean dry skin.

Can it be worn over athletic tape or casts?

Defender Tape is primarily designed for applications directly on the skin. Covering casts or enhancing protection over athletic tape (provided the surfaces are dry and clean) are additional application opportunities.

Can Defender Tape be worn under clothing or uniforms?

It will work equally well under garments and is quite effective as an anti-friction or anti-chafing protection layer. Use Defender Tape under garments, uniforms, pads, or on exposed skin to protect from common impact and abrasion injuries.

Can Defender Tape be applied to athletic equipment such as baseball bats or hockey/lacrosse sticks?

Possible Defender Tape uses vary widely but it is designed primarily for use on-body. It has been shown to stick on a variety of smooth surfaces leaving little/no residue but it is not guaranteed for use in other applications.

Will it hurt or remove hair when removing from the skin?

Remove Defender Tape slowly from the corners/edges to minimize skin irritation. If excessive hair is present on the extremity, shaving may be necessary prior to application.

What is the best way to cut or trim Defender Tape?

Defender Tape is designed to be cut quickly and easily as common household scissors will easily move through both foam and film. It can also be torn by hand but the edges will likely curl and application may be less durable.

Is defender tape applicable for most sports?

Defender Tape is an All-Sport product and has limitless applications well beyond sport.

Does Defender Tape slide on volleyball courts and basketball courts?

Defender Tape will not slide easily and instead is engineered to shear away. This performance property protects the skin and reduces the potential for snagging.


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