Bunion Aid® and Bunion Aid® Plus Replacement Set


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Flexible Splint for Bunion Relief

A 3-in-1 aid that provides the benefits of a day and a night splint for:

  • Bunion pain relief
  • Bunion protection
  • Bunion correction

Bunion Aid® is a hinged bunion splint with adjustable straps and a comfortable gel cushion that protects irritated tissue, distributes pressure and provides corrective support.

Clinically studied for the treatment of light-to-moderate Hallux valgus and improved gait.** Ideal for treating bunion pain, mild or moderate mal-positioning of the big toe, or to maintain post-surgical fixation of the big toe. Wearing this aid helps prevent bunion progression, overlapping toes, and hammer toes; limiting the need for surgery.

Award-winning, U.S. patented, flexible splint engineered and made in Germany.*

Patented and Award winning* design

Clinically studied** for the treatment of light-to-moderate Hallux valgus and improved gait

* Patent No.: US 7,396,338 B2. The Bunion Aid®design earned international recognition by winning the Red Dot Award and the Medical Design of Excellence Award in 2009.

** Clinical Studies:
1) “Pre-operative Application of the Hallufix®-Splint,” by Dr. Ralf Neumann, Munich, Germany, April 2005.
2) “Improvement of Body Balance and Gait Stability by Means of the BunionAid™ Foot Splint,” by Ralph Schleer, Munich, Germany.
3) “Comparing Radiological Examinations Between Hallux valgus Night Brace and a New Dynamic Orthosis for Correction of the Hallux valgus,” by Klaus A. Milachowski and Axel Krauss.

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One size splint fits right or left foot. Universal size.

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81-03H Bunion Aid®
81-03E Bunion Aid® Plus Replacement Set



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