Bobcat X3

Product Summary

  • Ultra-lightweight for superior portability.
  • Quick and easy disassembly.
  • Color-through shroud hides scuffs and scratches.
  • Angle adjustable flip-up armrests for maximum comfort and convenient boarding and exiting.
  • Easy finger-pull throttle control.
  • Height adjustable seat with fold down backrest.
  • Flat-free, non-marking tires for worry-free travel.
  • Large, metal carry basket.
  • Easy-to-adjust tiller angel places the scooter's controls in the ideal position.
  • Anti-tip wheels for additional safety.
  • Easy free wheel operation.

Please visit the store for more information or call us at: (905) 828-1980


Please visit the store for more information or call us at: (905) 828-1980


Weight Capacity 265 lbs.
Top Speed 4 mph
Maximum Range 7.5 miles
Turning Radius 45″
Climbing Angle
Ground Clearance 2.5″
Dimensions (L x W) 42″ x 19.25″
Floor-to-Seat Height 17″ – 19″
Seat Dimensions (W x D) 16.5″ x 13.5″
Controller PG S-Drive 45A
Motor 24V x 270W x 4700 rpm
Batteries (pair) 12V x 10AH
Charger 1.5A Offboard
Brakes Electromagnetic
Wheels 8″ x 2″ Flat Free
Base Weight 50 lbs.
Battery Weight (pair) 18 lbs.
Seat Weight 16 lbs.
Total Weight 84 lbs.
Heaviest Piece Weight (Front Section) 28 lbs.
Warranty on Frame Lifetime
Warranty on Electronic Controller/Drive Train Components 14 months
Warranty on Batteries 6 months



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Parts Diagram


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Item # Seat Color HCPCS* UOM

16.5″ Folding Seat Red 1/ea



Diagram Number Part Description Part Number
1 Select Throttle Assy. BC31009N
2 Select Speed Dial C12-071-00100
3 Select Battery Gauge BC31208B
4 Select Upper Tiller Cover C08-050-00301
5 Select Ignition Switch C18-071-00100
6 Select Key C18-071-00200
7 Select Lower Tiller Cover C08-071-00100
8 Select Tiller C02-071-00100
9 Select Handgrip Foam S31003
10 Select Basket Bracket BC35051
12 Select Tiller Lock Set C08-069-01001
13 Select Tiller Swivel Assembly C02-069-00401
14 Select Tiller Bearing Set C29-016-00301
15 Select Front Fork C03-070-00100
16 Select Front Axle Assembly BC31141
17 Select Front Wheel BC31142
18 Select Front Wheel Bearing 4900WB
19 Select Anti-Tip Wheel S31026
20 Select Front Shroud C08-071-00300
21 Select Footrest Shroud C08-071-00200
22 Select Rear Shroud C08-071-00400
23 Select Battery Cover Red C08-071-00512
24 Select Rear Frame C01-070-00300
25 Select Transaxle BC350112
26 Select Motor C09-071-00200
27 Select Electromagnetic Brake C09-071-00300
28 Select Rear Wheel BC31132
29 Select Front & Rear Wheel Bolt S350016910
30 Select Battery Harness & Jumper C18-071-00601
31 Select Charger Port C18-071-00800
32 Select Battery BATT12V10AH
33 Select Seat/Seat Plate (no arms) S07-071-00100
34 Select Right Armrest Assembly C07-071-00400
35 Select Left Armrest Assembly C07-071-00300
36 Select Arm Pad & Screws C07-071-00301
37 Select Armrest Knob S31052
39 Select Seat Post Bolt Assembly C07-071-00101
40 Select Front Wire Harness C18-071-00300
41 Select 20 Amp Circuit Breaker C07-071-00100
42 Select 40 Amp Fuse BC40AFUSE
43 Select Seat Plate C07-050-00203-C
44 Select Controller C10-034-00100
46 Select Battery Hold Down Strap C17-071-00200
47 Select Battery Cradle C17-071-00100
48 Select Motor Cable C18-071-00400
49 Select Power Cable Set C18-071-00500
50 Select Seat Upholstery S07-071-00102
51 Select Back Upholstery S07-071-00101
52 Select Frame Latch C08-069-02900-C
53 Select Front Frame C01-069-00102

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