Female SpeediCath Compact Nelaton tip, Hydrophilic coating, Polyurethane


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SpeediCath® Compact catheters are developed to offer safety and discretion and have all the benefits of the SpeediCath® catheter and more.

SpeediCath® Compact Female is a convenient, discreet catheter for women who self-catheterize. It is the first catheter designed to suit the anatomy of the female body, and it is about the size of a lipstick.


The benefits of SpeediCath® Compact Female:

  • Easy-grip  handle for more hygienic catheterization
  • Bladder drainage at least as efficient as conventional catheters (cf 1)
  • Compact and instantly ready to use

This product is non-taxable.

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CH 8 – 7cm (30), CH 10 – 7cm (30), CH 12 – 7cm (30), CH 14 – 7cm (30)


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