Female Self-Cath straight tip PVC


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  • The Self-Cath family of 100% latex-free catheters offers a variety of options for intermittent self-catheterization.
  • Self-Cath® catheters have a siliconized surface for smooth insertion.
  • Each catheter is made of flexible medical grade PVC and has smooth fire polished eyelets for patient comfort and ease of use.

Self-Cath® catheters are offered in an assortment of designs:

  • Straight Tip
  • Female
  • Soft
  • Tapered Tip Coude with Guide Stripe®
  • Olive Tip Coude with Guide Stripe®

This product is non-taxable.

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CH08 – 15 cm/ 6", CH10 – 15 cm/ 6", CH12 – 15 cm/ 6", CH14 – 15 cm/ 6"


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