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Per bag: 28 units
Per case: 9 bags

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New from Abena: Add 500mL of additional absorbency to any adult diaper or absorbent underwear with the Abri-Let booster pads.

The Abri-Let booster pads (also commonly known as “diaper doublers”) provide additional absorbency support for adult diapers or absorbent underwear. Their unique flow-through design allows urine to pass into the host product after reaching maximum capacity.

Traditional non-booster pads have a waterproof backing. When used inside an adult diaper or underwear, liquid tends to leak out the sides of the product, leaving the underlying host product dry under the pad and resulting in leaks around the legs.

Booster pads are designed to fill up first, then allow liquid to flow through, preventing leaks and maximizing the absorbency of any product. A convenient way to add extra absorbency at night or during the day when a trip to the bathroom to change is inconvenient. It is also an economical way to extend the life of the diaper. Abri-Let booster pads do not contain adhesive on the back since they are large enough to avoid movement during use.

403501 402101 300216 This product is also known as Abrilet

Abri-Let Normal: 500mL 4.3″ x 15.3″, 28 units per package, 9 packages per case

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